Redesign and Update of

Bush Street, Standing Water • Joe Forkan 2010 Oil on panel 16″ x 14″

The redesign of has been completed, and is now up and running, with images of many recent paintings that haven’t made it to the painting blog.

It’s certainly been a while since I’ve updated my regular website, and I’m glad to have new work up, and a clean, new site design by Crystal Yachin Lee.

Spurgeon 6:20 pm June • Joe Forkan 2010 Oil on canvas 34.5″ x 48″

New paintings from the Spurgeon series and The Lebowski Cycle can be found there, as well as other landscapes and cityscapes. There’s still more to post, including recent work from Italy and Switzerland. Look for those updates soon.

Here are a couple of recent paintings from the Spurgeon series that are part of the update.

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  1. Joe Forkan Post author

    Thanks, Woody. Hopefully the posts will get to be more regular soon…

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