Europe 2009


Chateau Blonay, Switzerland • Joe Forkan 2009 Oil on panel, 10 x 10

I took a painting trip to Europe this summer. These paintings are two of several that I finished on site while there. Chateau Blonay was painted over the course of many days from the balcony of a friend’s place in Blonay, outside Vevey, Switzerland. The weather and light change very quickly in this area as it sits in the Alps just above Lake Geneva. You have to be very patient, and constantly ready to flee the rain while working.

Outside Siena was painted in an olive grove looking across a valley in Tuscany. This painting was more direct and painted in a single session. The variations in light and color were remarkable. The colors in Italy were much warmer, and very different from the cooler light in the Alps. It was interesting to watch the shifts while taking the train from Switzerland south to Italy.

Outside Sienna • Joe Forkan 2009 Oil on panel, 10 x10

Outside Siena • Joe Forkan 2009 Oil on panel, 10" x 10"

There are about 20 more small paintings in the studio that I began in Switzerland and Italy that I am still reworking .

7 thoughts on “Europe 2009

  1. Gail Forkan

    These are really beautiful–I love the colors you used! I’m looking forward to seeing the rest.

  2. Peter Barwick

    Hi Joe, good to see the paintings with views from my balcony again…the colours are different again…now there are more greys there!

    Speak soon


  3. Joe Forkan Post author

    I imagine it’s a little different in Blonay just now. Maybe just need a tube of blue and a tube of white.
    …and an enormous parka.

  4. Maha

    These are quite lovely and nutritious! I hope you’ll be posting some of those Bir Sur paintings here soon too. =)

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