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The Lebowski Cycle – The Baptism of Christ (After Carracci)

Baptism of Christ (After Carracci) • Joe Forkan 2011, oil on linen 24” x 38"”

Here is another painting from the exhibition. I haven’t written much about the process of the last few paintings that I’ve posted, but I will update the posts with more information after the opening. This painting is based on the tradition of Baptism paintings, of which there are many variations.

Baptism of Christ • Annibale Carracci 1584 Oil on canvas San Gregorio, Bologna

This is the smallest painting in the Cycle, and the composition is much simpler than the other work. Initially it was much more complex, with plans for two additional panels, but ultimately I decided the middle panel did everything I wanted the painting to do.

I was particularly drawn to Annibale Carracci’s painting on the theme from 1584.

The Lebowski Cycle at The Frank M. Doyle Arts Pavilion, Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, CA • Sept 10 – Oct 28, 2011

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 10th 6-10pm

I will be giving a Gallery Talk about the Lebowski Cycle at the Frank M. Doyle Arts Pavilion on Thursday, September 29th, from 7-10.

More info on the lecture and the exhibition is available here:

The Lebowski Cycle – Sacred and Profane Love

Sacred and Profane Love (After Titian) • Joe Forkan 2011 oil on linen, 72" x 40" (182.88 cm x 101.60 cm)

I’m currently finishing the framing of the last of the paintings in the studio headed for the show at the Frank M. Doyle Arts Pavilion. I framed 10 paintings this last weekend, with help from some friends. Delivering work on Monday.

Sacred and Profane Love Titian - c. 1513-1514 oil on canvas 118 cm × 279 cm (46" × 110") Galleria Borghese, Rome

My studio is going to seem really empty after sending off 14 large scale paintings for the show.

This piece is based on Titian’s Sacred and Profane Love. I’ll write more on the series once it is all installed, but wanted to post this recently completed painting from the Cycle.

Detail - Sacred and Profane Love (After Titian) • Joe Forkan 2011

The Lebowski Cycle – The Deposition from the Cross

The Deposition from the Cross (After Pontormo) • Joe Forkan 2011, oil on linen, 72" x 40"

Here is a newly completed painting from the Lebowski Cycle. This one is loosely based on The Deposition From the Cross by Jacopo Pontormo. It is actually based as much on the tradition of  paintings that depict the Descent from the Cross, of which there are many versions.

The Deposition from the Cross Jacopo Pontormo - c. 1525–1528 Oil on wood 313 cm × 192 cm (123" × 76") Santa Felicita di Firenze, Florence

The Angels at Christ's Tomb Edouard Manet 1864 Oil on canvas 179.4 cm x 149.9 cm (70 5/8" x 59") The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York